Nota AI GmbH

Founded in 2015, Nota is a compressed AI solutions and software optimization platform business with a focus on the B2B and B2G markets. Our mission is to accelerate and maximize the everyday use of AI in the global market. Our main platform solution, NetsPresso, resolves Cloud and server-based AI solutions related issues, such as limited network, excessive cost, and privacy breach. NetsPresso is an automatic model compression platform which downsizes computer vision models to a size small enough to be deployed independently on smaller edge and low specification devices. Optimization of target models being key, the platform combines a variety of compression methods which enables it to downsize AI models without causing performance degradation.

General information:

Employees: 6
Foundation: 2020


Nota AI GmbH
Nota AI GmbH, Charlottenstr.18, 2.0G

Tel.: 01788247728