Queryella GmbH

Queryella aims to protect data from misuse by scanning apps for potential security or privacy issues. This goal is achieved through an automated analysis platform that leverages the latest research in security and privacy. It combines various analyses with artificial intelligence to detect IT security issues or potentially sensitive data leaks in binaries. Our platform provides reliable results even when common obfuscators have been used. We analyze privacy declarations, hidden dependencies, and data flows to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows our customers to understand the results of the analyses quickly.

Queryella originated from a team of researchers at TU Darmstadt. With our extensive expertise in code analysis, IT security, and privacy, we are continuously improving our solutions and adapting to the ever-changing security landscape of our customers.

We are actively looking for cooperation partners to expand our platform for the secure future of apps.

General information:

Employees: 4
Foundation: 2023
Homepage: https://www.queryella.de


Queryella GmbH
Eisenacher Weg 2
35083 Wetter (Hessen)

Tel.: 49 1623 6446 94
Email: mail@queryella.de