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Regain control of your data with ShardSecure. In the face of rising storage costs, cyberattacks, and operational complexity, we help companies simplify their data protection. Our innovative solution lets companies enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of securing their data wherever they want: on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid-cloud architectures. Organizations can enjoy stronger security and resilience without surrendering control of their data, putting their confidentiality at risk, or redesigning their workflows.
ShardSecure provides strong data privacy, robust data resilience, native ransomware protection, agentless file-level protection, easy plug-and-play integration, and more. Leverage the lowest data storage costs, reduce your security management burden, and retake control of your data today.

With ShardSecure, all organizations can:
· Enjoy agentless file-level protection in place of slow and outdated protection solutions. Our low latency and fast throughput has minimal to no performance drawbacks and requires no visible changes to user experience or workflows.
· Improve their business continuity with self-healing data. We detect deletions and tampering, and we automatically reconstruct data in real-time without disruption to users or applications.
· Improve data resilience
with technology that keeps data available, accessible, and accurate in the face of tampering, deletion, outages, ransomware, and human

Retake control of your data today with ShardSecure. Visit us at to learn more.

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