Quantics GmbH

Quantics is a Vienna, Austria, based provider of innovative & best-of-breed supply chain planning solutions for manufacturing companies. Quantics’ AI-driven and next generation forecasting and planning solutions enable companies to master volatile market conditions and new challenges posed by geopolitical tensions, global warming, technological disruptions, and the shift towards a circular economy.

Quantics’ solutions are …

- Truly Agile: Screen, detect & self-adapt to changes in your supply chain

-Truly Integrated: Connect data sources, planning levels & horizons, stakeholders, departments and supply chain partners in a novel way

-Truly Resilient: Consider and incorporate uncertainty & enable better responses to disruptions

With Quantics You enjoy…
superior forecast accuracy, faster and simpler planning, smarter business decisions and very short implementation periods.

General information:

Employees: 8
Foundation: 2020
Homepage: https://quantics.io/


Quantics GmbH
Wasagasse 31/2/27
1090 Wien

Tel.: 436704085933
Email: info@quantics.io