Loady GmbH

Loady wants one thing above all: to make B2B logistics smoother, more digital and sustainable. This is why the company launches "Loady", the first standardized platform for master data on loading and unloading requirements, in 2023. Loady's innovative idea: in order to achieve consistently high data quality, shippers and recipients manage their transport-relevant information on the platform themselves. They then share their data "first-hand" with logistics partners, digitally and in a clear, standardized structure.
Loady offers public APIs to bring current loading requirements directly to where users need them: their TMS, ERP, freight orders, e-procurement, YMS or OBUs. Additionally, Loady ensures effective communication with drivers and freight forwarders via multilingual online views such as "Loady2Go" and "Loady2Share". Tender specifications can be easily managed in Loady with just a few clicks. For liquid transports, Loady offers a central pre-product database for the first time.

General information:

Employees: 14
Foundation: 2023
Turnover: 50000
Homepage: https://www.loady.com


Loady GmbH
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