UI Membership

Join GFFT United Innovations by sending an Email to luisa.amberg@gfft-ev.de and explore possible Services.


GFFT United Innovations is a platform that drives Innovation for a better Future. It will achieve strong results by coordinating the efforts of as many as possible committed partners. The platform consists of

  • its members, i.e. all organisations who are allowed to use the Platform Logo

  • and numerous helpful services for supporting technologies and improving the innovation process.


Members of GFFT United Innovations are

  • all corporate members of the non-profit Organisation for Research Transfer (GFFT e.V.),
  • all corporate shareholders of GFFT Technologies GmbH, the owner and coordinator of the platform, and
  • all official corporate partners of GFFT Technologies GmbH and its GFFT subsidiaries who by contract received the right to use the Platform Logo.

The Benefits for Members of GFFT United Innovations are

  • sending requests to the other United Innovations Members for realizing more innovation, i.e. developing new products, offering new services, initiating new event formats etc. (no marketing),
  • the sole permission to add and publish further services onto the platform and
  • free entrance to all central events, symposiums and Startup Cup Events.