DeepLearning based machine vision

We are using modern deep learning to train our system to detect anomalies in any kind of image or video. This enables the detection of anomalies above a certain threshold for purposes of defect classification. Additionally, we combine this with classic machine learning to realize an error prevention system.
This is possible by looking for recurring patterns of early signs of quality deterioration with an added semantic understanding of potential error sources to produce meaningful warning reports.

Reference Customers:



2021-08-09: The product proves itself
The technology proves its capabilities in a complex use case and a first customer decides to use it

2021-04-30: The first version is done
The first functional product is finished

2020-06-30: The team is established
The co-founders of decide to start working together and build a business out of the technology

2017-02-28: The basis
The CTO of builds the technological basis for our technology by writing his master thesis on deep learning.

General information:

Business Unit: Industry 4.0
Branch: Artificial Intelligence
Maturity: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the Owner: UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Lothstraße 21
80797 München
Tel.: +49-176-34624930