Our product reduces scrap in industrial production processes. For this, we developed a fully automatic closed-loop control system for sheet metal forming processes, which can be attached to new builds and existing tools. For the unique and patented loop control we use sensors and actuators which are combined by an intelligent controller software. The secret behind is not only the software however, but also the positioning of the sensors and actuators within the forming tool. With a sophisticated numerical simulation strategy which takes several natural process variations into account the forming process is analysed and relevant positions are specified. This method secures sensor data with the highest information content possible. Of course, we make those data visible in our own Cloud environment and evaluable for the customer, who gets the deepest insight in their forming processes.

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2021-09-14: Preparation of official Launch of Draw.Control
We will present the ready-to-use product to the general public for the first time at the BlechExpo international trade show in Stuttgart in October. The product will be available on the market in early 2022. Initially, we plan to use the product for pilot customers and projects in the automotive sector.

2021-02-18: Founding of iLARIZ
At the beginning of 2021, the new company iLARIZ was founded in Stuttgart, in which the product, process and team intelligence is now bundled together with all property rights. The target group for Draw.Control is all production companies in the sheet metal processing industry from a wide range of sectors. The largest customers for sheet metal components have always included the automotive industry in the areas of body construction, drives and interiors. We also address the household appliance, packaging and furniture industries. The market is strongly international and globally distributed. The largest sheet metal part producers and toolmakers are located in Germany - mainly in Baden-Württemberg - as well as in China, the USA, Japan and South Korea. Accordingly, these are the target markets for iLARIZ and our technology innovation.

2020-10-01: Patent of DRAW.CONTROL granted
Prototype construction, technology development, and initial laboratory testing were completed. The initial results are overwhelming: up to 50% reduction in scrap rates in laboratory testing. At the same time, the underlying patent was finally granted.

2017-06-01: Idea of Draw.Control
Already in 2017, the idea of a fully automatic process control for deep drawing processes was born and a patent application was filed. Two of the founders have been working on the implementation of the idea since then.

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Business Unit: Industry 4.0
Branch: Production Technology
Maturity: Demonstrator
Patented: Yes

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Schelmenwasenstr. 32
70567 Stuttgart
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