Sustainable PayTech

GFFT Rank: 9.28

Payactive is a sustainable PayTech that enables smooth and smart payment processes for companies with a positive impact on the world. With every transaction we spend parts of the fee to projects that support the SDGs. Without any more costs for the company or the customer.
In a nutshell - TOP 3 impact factors for your business when working with payactive:
1. We help money come in quick and customer friendly - lower churn rate, attractive payment journey, higher liquidity.
2. We help to make your payment operations run smoothly, so you can focus on the business itself.
3. We help you and your customers to support the SDGs, without any more hassle.
The best way to find out if we can make an impact together, is to dive right into a demo with us - just click the Demo-Button on our Homepage:

Reference Customers:

RecScout, recyclehero, Ver.De


2021-08-23: Invoice Feature
With this feature the customer can create an invoice in the payactive platform with all individual invoice data that is needed and is so independent from other invoice tools.

2021-06-30: Agent Feature
With this feature, especially for marketplaces, we can connect different payactive accounts and get full transparencies over the payment transactions on the marketplace.

2021-04-30: payactive payment processing via direct debit (Sofortüberweisung)
Our first product is the payment feature via direct debit with which you can send invoices to customers, let them pay with connecting the bank accounts , transfering the payment and making a small positive impact by supporting SDG relevant projects (--> Social Cashback)

General information:

Business Unit: FinTech
Branch: FinTech
Maturity: Product
Patented: No

Technology contact:

Bautzner Straße 48

Contact person: Xaver Zeller
Tel.: +49 175 33 67 361

Contact of the Owner:

payactive GmbH
Bautzner Straße 48
01099 Dresden
Tel.: +491753367361