humbee is a digital workplace that improves the productivity of the individual by up to 25%. humbee focuses on people. humbee creates freedom for people working in the company. This is the decisive prerequisite for innovation and thus also for more competitiveness.

The tools available so far are e-mail and the file system. In addition, there are various specialist applications such as CRM, ticket or document management systems. In reality, employees use a large number of these data silos. As a result, employees waste about 1/3 of their daily working time searching for information and complex coordination processes.

humbee enables process-related work. All information, documents, tasks and even e-mails on a topic are in one place. All participants of the process are always perfectly informed. They have access to the relevant information at any time and from any location.

humbee's special architecture allows for targeted customizing. Through the design of special process types in connection with business objects and workflows, our customers design their individual business core processes.

humbee is a powerful business application that is as easy to use as an app. The creation of business processes is possible in a very short time. Our customers are usually in production after only two days. Instead of time-consuming IT implementation projects, they simply adapt standard software that is always available everywhere - humbee.

In this way, humbee promotes the agility of organizations and makes them fit for global competition. New processes are digitized at short notice, existing processes are adapted to changes promptly. Our customers report, for example, significantly shortened development times in mechanical engineering.

Reference Customers:

Henk International GmbH, IHK-GfI GmbH, seed2soil GmbH, PRÄZI Flachstahl AG

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

lexoffice, Office365, various ERP Systems


2019: humbee

– prototype AI based services for mobile voice recognition for entry of tasks – first integration into ERP-Systems – first invoices payable process including data extraction & matching

2018: humbee

available also on all mobile platforms humbee uses PWA technology hence it works works on any device that provides a browser it is fully featured even on mobile devices it provided even the latest features without the need of updating an app

2017: humbee

digital workplace

General information:

Business Unit: Organizational Intelligence
Branch: All Branches
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 1.59

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humbee solutions GmbH
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40668 Meerbusch
Tel.: +49 (0) 2150 7098 - 434