AI-powered AML/CFT Platform

Hawk AI is a software platform that uses AI to monitor financial transactions in real-time, delivering next generation anti-money laundering compliance for financial institutions. The solution offers classic rule-based models, which are enhanced by auto-closing features based on machine learning models that learn from the investigator’s own decisions.
Hawk AI makes use of unsupervised machine learning model, Anomaly Detection in specific, to identify new patterns of crime, deriving insights from the overarching nature of the platform spanning multiple financial institutions. The platform always provides full transparency of machine decisions to deliver the necessary basis for interaction with regulators, and to continually instill trust in the machine's decisions. Using Artificial Intelligence to maximize automation, Hawk AI delivers significant cost benefit (70% reduction of required resources) and better crime detection – Thereby enabling fighting financial crime efficiently.

Reference Customers:

Moss, Ratepay, North American Bancard

General information:

Business Unit: FinTech
Branch: Compliance
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 12.91

Contact of the Organization:

Hawk AI
Dingolfinger Str. 15
81673 München
Tel.: +49-151-61 50 97 06