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Robo-Ident Technology

Nect, an IT company based in Hamburg, stands for the development and implementation of sophisticated, secure and at the same time user-friendly identification solutions for digital applications on the Internet. The Selfie-Ident process, the patented Robo-Ident technology performs a video-based identity verification using artificial intelligence. The authentication process consists of two steps that the user goes through. Nect ensures that the recording takes place at the current time and has not been tampered with. This is confirmed by the person being alive in front of the device. During the face recording (selfie video), the user is asked to say two randomly selected words. Based on the facial and lip movements, the liveliness is verified.
For authenticity verification, the process requests the user to record a video of their ID document and pan it. This ensures the authenticity of the document by examining at least three security features of different categories of the ID document.

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Tel.: 49 (0) 40 468 97