Peakboard is a low-code platform for the simple and intelligent digitalization of production and logistics. Users create individual applications with the hardware and software solution to optimize their industrial processes and thus ensure more operational excellence in the company.

Reference Customers:

Bosch, Claas, Zarges, Würth, Siemens, DB Schenker, Würth, Mahle

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

SQL, SAP, OPC UA, MQTT, Beckhoff, Rockwell, Siemens S7


April 1, 2021: Peakboard Hub, central-management of your Peakboard Boxes.

With Peakboard Hub, managing your Peakboard Boxes is brilliantly easy. Use it to configure all the settings for your Peakboard Boxes centrally and conveniently, including network settings, naming your Peakboard Boxes, and managing licenses. With Peakboard Hub, you can easily restart, reset, and manually or automatically update your Peakboard Boxes. You can also effortlessly change active data visualizations, such as in your production facility or logistics warehouse.

June 1, 2020: Our Hardware, the Peakboard Box is born.

A powerful hardware package in a slim aluminum case: that is the essence of the Peakboard Box. Simply connect the Peakboard Box to a screen, connect it to the local network and the Peakboard Designer, and transfer your custom application to the screen, right where you need the information. The Peakboard Box pulls the data you have specified for your dashboard independently and in real time from the network.

General information:

Business Unit: Industry 4.0
Branch: IT
Type: Product

Contact of the Organization:

Peakboard GmbH
Neckarstraße 189-191
70190 Stuttgart
Tel.: 49 711 40261000