indigo is a distributed, networked realtime capable industrial edge and IIoT platform enabling Smart Factories and Devices as well as services like Edge AI based on the paradigms of Industry 4.0. Unlike widespread messaging platforms for IoT applications, indigo combines horizontal and vertical integration. Every node can share information and status messages with others. Mobile devices can be directly integrated for remote control and maintenance purposes. Cloud services are bidirectionally connected on demand. indigo provides true real-time communication between connected systems throughout the entire shop floor. Its object oriented semantic data model provides total abstraction of both hardware and interfaces. Arbitrary namespaces can be created and combined within the full Unicode spectrum. Open interfaces can adapt any hardware, field bus or protocol up- and downstream. A unique timing synchronization feature ensures that all processes across distributed systems stay in step.

Reference Customers:

Justech, Syntegon

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

Modbus, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA, Profibus (monitoring), Wago 750, Elasticsearch, AWS, Azure, Kibana, REST (in development: Beckhoff ADS, emBRICK, EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet, CAN, MQTT, SOA)


July 14, 2021: First Commercial Product

A fully functioning edge controller and analysis device based on indigo technology is successfully delivered to customer and integrated with operational systems.

April 12, 2021: First Demonstrator

A demonstrator system showing realtime communication and synchronization is successfully presented to a lighthouse customer.

April 16, 2020: Founding Day

Philipp Kirschenhofer, Michael Schwarz, Robert Schachner and Jesse Luo found emocean GmbH.

General information:

Business Unit: Industry 4.0
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 8.7

Contact of the Organization:

emocean GmbH
Kapellenstr. 22
82008 Unterhaching