payment platform & digital wallet

cinvio is a payment platform and digital wallet solution that settles payments for B2B logistics in a smooth, fast, and simple way.
cinvio enables B2B eCommerce, while simplifying and facilitating trade between all stakeholders. The platform also optimises existing financial flows with easy automation and gives companies’ digitalisation initiatives a real boost. Let’s make payments in logistics smoother, easier and simply possible.
Service providers offer services on their online application or customer portal and add cinvio as a payment method.
Customers create a company account, load their
e-wallet and connect to the service providers. Users are added so different teams can pay for the requested services.

General information:

Business Unit: FinTech
Branch: fintech / logtech
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 2.38

Innovation contact:

Generaal De Wittelaan, 9 bus 2

Contact person: Koen Vanhentenrijk
Tel.: +32 484083064

Contact of the Organization:

Generaal De Wittelaan, 9
Tel.: +32484083064