Xign.Me as a Service

With the XignIn technology, XignSys GmbH offers its customers a user-friendly, secure and flexible solution for authentication against applications from the digital and real world.

The SaaS bundle Xign.Me enables the fast integration of the XignIn technology as Xign.Me login into your application. Benefit directly from easy start-up, low operating costs and professional data management in certified data centers. You do not need any additional hardware or other resources. Users authenticate themselves via the Xign.Me app included in the package.

The XignIn technology is based on digital certificates and signatures, as well as state-of-the-art cryptographic processes, and thus sustainably replaces conventional, security-critical authentication methods such as username/password, one-time TANs, and costly hardware (tokens/key cards).

Reference Customers:

Dracoon, Oneclick, WETOG, Bitkom

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

OpenID Connect, SAML, RADIUS, ADFS, FIDO2, WordPress, Salesforce, Microsoft AD, Keycloak, Forgerock, ...

General information:

Business Unit: Cybersecurity
Branch: Enterprise, Smart City, eGovernment, Finance, Insurance, Education, Cloud Platforms
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 14.82

Contact of the Organization:

XignSys GmbH
Bochumer Stra├če 110
45886 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: +49-208-8830440