eFrexx is a B2B-Platform as SaaS implementation for manufacturers and trading companies, so called shippers, to publish their demand of Sea, Air, Truck and Rail transports.

eFrexx is the only solution on the market, which provides the shippers with their “own” inquiry portal in their branding. It gives the shippers the full access and process control for their transports.

The shipper publishes his short-term (Spot) and long-term (Contracts) transports on his portal. He invites several qualified transport providers. In a reverse auction during a bidding phase, the providers publish their bids. The best freight rate is automatically negotiated in eFrexx. After the bidding phase the shipper selects the winner.

From 2020 to July 2021 customers reduced transport costs by more than 30% and process costs by 80%.

The business model behind eFrexx: Shippers pay recurring monthly fees, flat rate or a volume-based fee, for Spot and volume-based yearly licences for Contracting.

Reference Customers:

Wieland, Kelvion, Windmöller& Hölscher, Liebherr

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:



July 1, 2021: International expansion

Despite of the pandemic we had a successful time. We acquired a row of international customers from Asia to America. Our portals are used by the customers around the world to publish their inquiries and contracts.

Our customers had an average reduction of transport costs of more than 30% and the process costs around 80%.

In April we opened an office in Paris, France and we are planning our first steps to Canada and the US. Therefore, we are looking for investors to keep the pace of our expansion.

July 9, 2019: eFrexx is a company

Today was the official registration of the eFrexx GmbH. A spin-off of the mother company Quadia GmbH where we did the whole development and project management. Now we will do our first steps into the market, we analysed so intensively.

November 11, 2019: Beta-Release is ready

We were faster than planned and we have our beta running. The tests with first prospects showed a very stable software. But we received more requirements, which we will put on our roadmap.

July 3, 2017: Start of the development

After 18 months of planning, analysis of technologies, requirements management and process design we started the development of our procurement platform - eFrexx. Our product will provide shippers with the possibility to find the best transport provider for their goods.

It will enable them to publish inquiries for short term transports (Spot) and tender for long term transports (Contracting) for Sea, Air, Truck and Rail worldwide.

We will differentiate from freight exchanges and from digital forwarders because we will be shipper-centric. Each shipper will get his “own” portal in the cloud with full process and access control in opposite to existing solutions.

General information:

Business Unit: Logistics
Branch: Logistics
Type: Product
Patented: No
GFFT Rank: 1.88

Contact of the Organization:

eFrexx GmbH
Asternweg 6
40880 Ratingen
Tel.: +49-2102-5650870