Yatta Checkout

Yatta Checkout is an all-in-one ecommerce solution built to help vendors monetize and sell digital products.

Its purpose is (i) to enable software vendors, tech startups and digital creatives to get into the market fast—we mean really fast and (ii) to improve the conversion and retention rates of digital products. It streamlines every aspect of the user experience from registration to (paid) usage.

Yatta Checkout includes:
- Identity and access management (IAM) to register customers and users—and so help digital creators generate leads and build a global user community;

- Checkouts, i.e. the online shopping system with the basket and the ordering system, which can be integrated easily into the vendor’s website(s)—or directly into their software application;

- Licensing with the matching EULA toolbox to provide vendors with the legal and technical framework they need to offer subscriptions, one-time purchases, trials, and more—worldwide;

- Payment processing to enable users around the globe to make secure payments easily —while also ensuring vendors get paid fast and in the currency of their choice;

- Fully automated invoicing and billing, including sales tax and VAT, adapted to every vendor’s corporate design;

- Digital fulfillment that provides all customers and users secure access to the software, digital goods, assets, services, rights and licenses purchased via Yatta Checkout.

General information:

Type: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

Yatta Solutions GmbH
Universitätsplatz 12
34127 Kassel
Tel.: 49 69 2475666-0