QA Assessment

Unique and innovative approach in QA assessment across 15 areas for the whole SDLC within 12 weeks. This includes a full-featured presentation with management summary, KPI wheel, findings, recommendations, details on leading practices, next steps and structured documentation.

The process includes 2 phases:

PHASE 1. Assessment and mobilization:

- Test process assessment.
Duration: week 1-2.
Result: Assessment results.

- Define operating model (roles, interfaces, metrics, functions).
Duration: week 3-7.
Result: interaction model draft, operation model draft.

- Baseline SLAs and KPIs, align operating model and prepare rollout.
Duration: week 8-12.
Result: SLA/KPI baseline, Operating model 1.0.

PHASE 2. Rollout and stabilization.
- Rollout of improvement actions to projects and additional applications.

We run a complete analysis of your current SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process and create a target operation model based on these findings. This includes an interaction model and a suggestion on roles and responsibilities. Based on your existing data (activities, SLAs and KPIs) we customize the findings to your specific situation and define targets for KPIs and a roadmap to bring your organization to operational excellence.

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Reference Customers:

German Retail customer, German HealthTech startup.

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

Analysis of associated tools and systems is included.


July 8, 2021: Findings

Derive findings and prioritized recommendations to be

June 24, 2021: Interviews and TCoE Workshops

Gather information via interviews and conduct collaborative workshops
to define the future.

June 17, 2021: Goals and expectations

Define key principles for steady state and baseline expectations for

General information:

Project start: June 17, 2021
Project end: August 5, 2021
Business Unit: IT Quality
Keyword: Software Quality Controlling
Type: Consulting Service
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

Sixsentix Deutschland GmbH
Gervinusstrasse 17
60322 Frankfurt
Tel.: 06987008900