Maximum security for your web applications.
Your digital presence, protected by WEBOUNCER. At KraLos, we understand that the security of your web applications is a top priority. WEBOUNCER, our patented advanced cybersecurity product, sets the standard in defending against online threats and offers you comprehensive protection in real time.
Proactive threat detection
Intelligent anomaly detection
Integrated analysis
More robust than any web application firewall
User-friendly interface
Real-time protection
AI protection against counterfeiting
Stops ad tracking
GDPR compliant
Developed in Germany

General information:

Project start: November 1, 2017
Project end: April 3, 2023
Business Unit: Cybersecurity
Keyword: Cloud Security
Branch: Cybersecurity
Type: Product
Patented: Yes
GFFT Rank: 3.7

Contact of the Organization:

Hannoversche Neustadt 54
31303 Burgdorf
Tel.: +495136 804-2985