With an in-house CMS, the ZAUBAR app allows anyone to turn historical photos, drawings, audio guides, and films into 3D experiences that feel like time travel with the tap of a finger - all from a smartphone or tablet.

Creators can upload their photos and videos to the app. ZAUBAR's self-developed AI transforms the footage and images into magical 3D scenes by upscaling, cropping, and splitting them into AR layers. The creator can then easily and precisely anchor them to a specific location. As Europe's first startup with access to Google's Earth Cloud Anchor technology, ZAUBAR was able to develop markerless placement advancements that allows Augmented Reality content to appear in the exact same place every time it is viewed - with centimeter-level precision, and without the need for physical markers.

Enhance the city tours you offer with engaging and interactive multimedia content that makes your guests feel like they are part of the story and puts them into the metaverse with one click.

Reference Customers:

Tagespiegel, Hamburger Morgenpost, KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau, Deutsche Oper am Rhein


May, 2022: Qualcomm Spaces Partnership

Deutsche Telekom’s innovation

October, 2021: ZAUBAR Platform Closed BETA

The BETA of the ZAUBAR platform
was released to a small set of testers

December, 2020: ECA Google Beta Partnership

A Cloud Anchor (ECA) is a special
type of anchor that can be used to
persist AR experiences in the real

November, 2019: 1st Partner app released

Tagespiegel 89/19 is an interactive
app for the 30th anniversary of the fall
of the Berlin Wall.

General information:

Business Unit: Organizational intelligence
Type: Platform
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

Nollendorfstraße 20
10777 Berlin