Factory Operations Management System

Because operations in manufacturing are constantly disrupted by unplanned bottlenecks, operational teams spend their time firefighting. This puts at risk revenue as sales are delayed, and margins as last minute solutions are costly.

Pelico's factory operations management system connects everyone in the operational process so teams can deliver products on time, at cost. It empowers operational teams to continuously monitor bottlenecks, anticipate issues, and act fast with AI-assisted recommendations, simulations and cross-team collaboration.

Customers like Safran and Collins Aerospace are able to see within 10 weeks of deployment:
• Cycle times reduced by 42%,
• Parts shortages reduced by -37%,
• On-time deliveries increased by 15%,
• Productivity of operational teams increased by 40%.

Reference Customers:

Safran, Collins Aeropspace

General information:

Business Unit: Industry 4.0
Type: Platform
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

10 rue aux Ours
75003 Paris