SWAT Test Automation

A unique blend of methodology, technical capabilities and organizational aspects to quickly set up sustainable test automation for any application based on the actual risk profile of the underlying business process. Finally, End-to-End test automation can be introduced quickly without impeding the normal change delivery flow. In this project example, the client asked for test automation across their S/4 HANA logistics, procurement and warehouse management solutions.

SWAT (Software Agile Testing) is a software testing methodology developed by Sixsentix that combines agile development practices with a risk-based approach to testing. It emphasizes continuous testing and provides a framework for integrating testing into the agile development process.

TOP-5 benefits of SWAT implementation for your company:

1. Faster time-to-market: The agile approach to testing ensures that issues are identified and fixed early in the development process, allowing for faster delivery of high-quality software.
2. Improved quality: The risk-based approach to testing ensures that critical areas of the software are thoroughly tested, reducing the risk of defects and improving overall quality.
3. Increased collaboration: The methodology emphasizes collaboration between developers, testers, and stakeholders, promoting a shared understanding of project goals and requirements.
4. Flexibility: SWAT provides a flexible and scalable approach to testing that can be adapted to different development environments and project needs.
5. Cost-effectiveness: By catching issues early in the development process, SWAT helps to reduce the cost of fixing defects and rework, saving clients money in the long run.

Explore more here https://www.sixsentix.com/solutions/swat-software-testing or request a consultancy here manuel.dasilva.joaquim@sixsentix.com.

Reference Customers:

German Retail customer, Swiss Bank, German HealthTech startup, Swiss Insurance

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

Tricentis Tosca, JIRA, Microfocus ALM, Azure DevOps


January 1, 2023: Handover Phase
Handover documents preparation and knowledge transfer sessions execution to
enable the client to run the delivered Test Automation Regression Portfolio on
their own.

June 1, 2022: Execution and Maintenance Phase
1500+ automated regression tests are executed on a weekly basis to support
the manual testing activities for the new release during both SIT and UAT.

April 1, 2022: Extension & Scaling Phase
The automated End-to-End scenarios are extended to multiple countries across
two environment stacks (maintenance & project tracks).

October 1, 2021: Kick off & Test Automation Phase
Initial discussion with client after an assessment of their current testing
activities in order to help them meet their year-end goals.
The test automation scope is defined based on the risk-based assessment.
Infrastructure is setup, SWAT team is fully onboarded and started with test
automation activities.

General information:

Project start: October 1, 2021
Project end: February 28, 2023
Business Unit: IT Quality
Keyword: S4/HANA
Type: Best Practice / Use Case
Patented: No

Innovation contact:

Gervinusstr. 17
60322 Frankfurt

Contact person: Manuel da Silva Joaquim, BD

Contact of the Organization:

Sixsentix Deutschland GmbH
Gervinusstrasse 17
60322 Frankfurt
Tel.: 06987008900