GFFT Rank: 10.23

devmate Testcode Generator

Workflow overview:

Developed code is parsed and test model is automatically created

Easy definition of test cases and expected results

Automatic combination of function parameters to test cases (testcase generation)

Automatic generation of executable test code
State of the Art: TDD (test driven development) and MBT (model based testing) is possible

Common programming languages supported (Java, C#, C, further languages planned)

Planned Innovations:
- AI support on equivalence class and test data prediction
- Automatic mocking
- Automatic protection of legacy code by acceptence based testing functions

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code

General information:

Business Unit: IT Quality
Keyword: Software Quality
Branch: Software Development
Type: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

Automated Software Testing GmbH
Gewerbepark Urfahr 6
Tel.: +43 664 1491502