Trinity Identity Wallet

With Trinity Identity Wallet software development teams and system integrators design mobile authentication solutions cost effective and compliant to the new European legal framework (eIDAS 2.0). They massively reduce their effort by integrating the mobile SDK with numerous plug-and-play features. Nearby they design their identity use cases flexibly in the absence of UI/UX design defaults. The decentralized data management allows secure storage of personal data in a mobile wallet and data management (e.g. token generation) on the mobile device. Trinity moves key identity provider functions (e.g, two factor authentication, integration of verified data providers) from data center into a mobile white label SDK. This enables a scalable an cost effective cloud operation of still necessary backend components even for highly regulated markets (healthcare, public sector, finance, insurance, etc.).

General information:

Project start: November 1, 2020
Business Unit: Cybersecurity
Keyword: Customer Identity Access Management
Type: Product
Patented: Yes

Contact of the Organization:

comuny GmbH
Bergstra├če 92a
Tel.: +49 6201 249 2060