Our Infrafon SmartBadge is a Security ID and Access device. It can replace a Smartphone for organizations or use cases, where a Smartphone does not fit. Infrafon can do Multifaktor authentication over the air and can be used as well for physical door access. In addition it can receive and transmit messages and display interactively on its high res epaper touch screen. The badge has unparalleled connectivity with WiFi, BLE, LTE, LoRA and NFC. It has GPS and Motion detection

Reference Customers:

Uniklinik Freiburg


February 14, 2021: development start

General information:

Project start: January 6, 2021
Project end: June 14, 2024
Business Unit: Cybersecurity
Keyword: Customer Identity Access Management
Branch: IT
Type: Product
Patented: Yes

Contact of the Organization:

Infrafon GmbH
Bismarckallee 22
Tel.: +49 176 24498160