Our Vehicle Routing Algorithms (VERA) assign transport requests to vehicles and determine the sequence of locations to be visited. With the additional module for integrated route and 3D load planning, CLAIRE, the vehicle capacity is accurately csonidered through 3D load planning to achieve planning reliability and realize additional efficiency gains.

Multiple route plans are generated. Dispatchers can select the most suitable route plan based on their specific business requirements and the given planning parameters. The tool is suitable for any planning scenario and considers a multitude of planning requirements, such as:
- Customizable cost functions and target criteria
- Multiple time windows
- Temporal constraints: maximum tour duration, driving and rest times
- Priority relationships between pickup and delivery trips (Pickup & Delivery)
- Vehicle dimensions and capacities, as well as the order of loading and unloading (LIFO)
- Heterogeneous vehicle fleet
- Order splitting
- Multiple trips with returns to the depot

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