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GFFT Rank (Dezember 2019): 13,69


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Product Profile

A critical operational profitability process is the turnaround process: getting an aircraft ready for the next flight and transport paying passenger. Every second on the ground an aircraft is costing money. Suprisingly airlines do not have a good understanding of this process due to lack of data. zeroG build a machine learning application, that uses video footage from cameras at the park position to automatically generate reliable timestamps of the turnaround process.



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zeroG GmbH
Am Messeplatz 1
65479 Raunheim

Tel.: +49 15158923645

General Information

Headquarter: Frankfurt / Germany
Einnahmen: -
Employees: 63
Founded: 2015

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
  • Data import and export

Reference Customers
  • Lufthansa