tr8fin GmbH

As representatives of industry, banks and Fintech, we recognized the gap in export financing for medium-sized companies in 2017. Many small and large exporters approached us and sought advice in supporting their growing business outside of Germany.

Tr8fin was thus founded in order to be able to pass on our knowledge in a standardized and digital way to companies.

The foundation of tr8fin took place in May 2018 after a series of intense workshops and a meticulous elaboration of the business model. Tr8fin, a central platform that acts as an interface for all parties involved (exporter, importer, Euler Hermes, private export insurance companies and banks), is covering the complete process of quotation calculation, communication, balance sheet analysis, export insurance application and forfaiting of the covered customer claim.

General information:

Foundation: 2018


tr8fin GmbH
Weiherstraße 10
53560 Vettelschoß

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