Peakboard GmbH

With its low-code platform for creating industrial applications, Peakboard GmbH assists production and logistics companies in monitoring their internal processes and managing their systems interactively.

The solution can gather process data from all common data sources, including SAP, machine controls, material flow controls, and Excel. It can then evaluate and display this data on screens in real-time. This approach enables easy identification of sources of errors, thereby increasing productivity.

Customers have the autonomy to decide which key figures they would like to be displayed on the dashboard. Furthermore, information can be relayed to over 90 connected IT interfaces using touchscreens. This establishes an intuitive user interface that employees in production and the warehouse can utilize to interact with the complex IT landscape. As a result, controlling production machinery becomes as simple as using a smartphone.

Established in 2016 by Patrick Theobald, the young company based in Stuttgart, with approximately 40 employees, experienced a 50% growth in 2022. Alongside groups like Bizerba, Bosch, Euromaster, Schunk, and Würth, the company also serves around 300 other global customers.

General information:

Employees: 40
Foundation: 2016


Peakboard GmbH
Neckarstraße 189-191
70190 Stuttgart

Tel.: 49 711 40261000





Industry 4.0

Peakboard is a low-code platform for the simple and intelligent digitalization of production and logistics. Users create..