Celestial Space Technologies GmbH

Celestial is a satellite systems provider and an expert in delivering telecommunication solutions for satellites. Our story began in 2018, with a university hackathon, in the vibrant startup ecosystem of Berlin. Soon thereafter the company received support from the European Space Agency.

We are the only private company working on highly integrated small satellite antennas, suitable for government and commercial satellites, operating in LEO and beyond. We are applying our capabilities to develop affordable solutions that enable new space companies to reach higher orbits, at lower cost and with better connectivity.

Our product portfolio ranges from micro to small antenna payloads, with use cases independent of satellite size. Our products are customizable to mission requirements both in performance characteristics and design constraints.

General information:

Foundation: 2020
Homepage: https://celestialspacetechnologies.com


Celestial Space Technologies GmbH
Oedenberger Str. 159
90491 N├╝rnberg

Email: mayank@celestialspacetechnologies.com