Parloa is a Conversational AI platform that demonstrably orchestrates market-leading AI technologies better than any other vendor on the market. This enables companies to create breakthrough customer experiences on their own and automate their customer service through phone or chat bots.

Reference Customers:

Ergo, Decathlon, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Domcura

Ready-to-use interfaces to other tools and systems:

Call Center infrastrucutre: Genesys, Twilio, Vier, etc. // Back-End systems: Salesforce, SAP, etc.


October 1, 2020:

Establish a strong AI partnership with
Microsoft by leveraging best in class
Microsoft technology (STT and TTS) with

January 1, 2020:

Add phone as a next channel with our
own Parloa phone gateway and NLU

January 1, 2019:

Add low code front-end with a visual
graph as well as Chat as a channel

June 1, 2018: Getting started

First version without front-end for Alexa
and Google Assistant

General information:

Business Unit: Organizational intelligence
Branch: Software
Type: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the Organization:

Münzstraße 5
10178 Berlin