Testwell CTC

Testwell CTC is the leading Code Coverage Tool for measuring Code Coverage on host and all embedded targets (even very small ones). The tool is compliant to Safety Standards. Hundreds of companies all over the world use Testwell CTC with great success. Testwell CTC is the first choice for companies which have to achieve and to proof high code coverage in aerospace, automotive, transportation, healthcare and other industries.

Avoid risks and make sure that all parts of complex code have been tested before release.
Thanks to detailed code coverage information, Testwell CTC provides a convenient way to analyze the completeness of your tests. The tool shows the effectiveness of your test efforts by identifying which areas of an application were exercised during a test run. Analyze any portion of your code, or the entire application at once. With Testwell CTC you avoid that applications are released with untested code.


January 1, 1989: 32 years of successful service in the software testing community

The first version of Testwell CTC++ was developed by NOKIA Group in 1989.
From 1992 onwards, the further development of the tool was taken over by the
specially founded company Testwell Oy (Finland). Olavi Poutanen, CEO and
founder of Testwell Oy, has been continuously improving the Testwell CTC++
tool ever since. His expertise from more than 40 years of development and
system software design contributes decisively to the successful further
development of the tool. Another success factor is the knowledge of the
customers' needs.
Since 2003, the Testwell tools have been successfully distributed in German-
speaking countries and some neighboring countries by Verifysoft Technology
GmbH. In July 2013, Verifysoft acquired the ownership rights to the tools. In
addition to sales and technical support, Verifysoft now also supports the further
development of Testwell CTC++.

General information:

Business Unit: IT Quality
Branch: Software

Contact of the Organization:

Verifysoft Technology GmbH
In der Spöck 10-12
Tel.: +4978112781180