se.MIS™ Industrial Remote Management & Audit

Every industrial plant today requires a secure remote management solution. In order to perform maintenance or monitoring tasks, access to the control systems has to be planned, regulated and made available for employees as well as external technicians. A system needs to be easy to handle despite strong user authentication or isolated machine and plant networks. A consistent track record in a digital maintenance book, access concepts featuring various user roles and user groups, time control and the integration of machines and plants of all ages are also indispensable for an industrial remote management system.

se.MIS™ fulfils all these specifications and aims at bringing success to your remote management projects.

General information:

Project start: January 1, 2019
Project end: December 31, 2021
Business Unit: Cybersecurity
Keyword: OT- Security
Type: Product
Patented: Yes
GFFT Rank: 3.56

Contact of the Organization:

Sematicon AG
Schatzbogen 56
81829 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 413 293 000