se.SAM™ P-Series

The “sematicon Security and Authentication Module” – in short se.SAM™ – has been especially designed to meet the requirements of industrial, electronic, IoT and IIoT systems, in which stability, robustness and particular easy handling must be the main focus. The se.SAM™ module complies with these demands and enables smooth integration and upgrading of digital security on various platforms. se.SAM™ P-Series Modules are having a miniPCIe interface and are therefore particularly suitable as a digital key for installation in your equipment for retrofitting systems with an integrated miniPCIe interface.

General information:

Project start: September 1, 2021
Project end: May 1, 2022
Keyword: HSM, PKI, cryptography, secure communication
Type: Product

Contact of the Organization:

Sematicon AG
Schatzbogen 56
81829 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 413 293 000