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TechL is United Innovations' technology database. Its goal is to systematically support and measure innovation. All product and platform providers, reasearchers and consulting companies have the opportunity to present their activities in techL and to publish job advertisements. To do so, they must register as a provider and create one company profile and one or more technology profiles.


2021-12-31: First Release
Initiation of the GFFT database TechL. It hosts national and international technology profiles, as they already exist for people (Linkedin) or real estate (Immobilienscout). The technologies and innovations are presented concisely and clearly with their most important aspects. They are structured according to their areas of application, so that potential users can find them quickly. The more technologies are entered into the database, the more comprehensive the overview.

General information:

Business Unit: Other
Branch: IT
Type: Product
Patented: No

Innovation contact:

Niddastrasse 6
61118 Bad Vilbel

Contact person:
Tel.: +49 6101 9549810

Contact of the Organization:

GFFT Innovationsförderung GmbH
Niddastraße 6
61118 Bad Vilbel
Tel.: +49 6101 9549810

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